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Coco & more is a brand brought up and nourished by the reputable and well-known company Ananthashayana Coconut Products Pvt Ltd, founded in 1985 in Tiptur, Karnataka. Ananthashayana Coconut Products was one of the first companies in the vast coconut zone of Tiptur to start a state-of-the-art desiccated coconut powder manufacturing unit more than three decades ago. The company has been producing, processing and delivering high-quality powder ever since. The founder, H R Mohan Raj, explored and experimented with a wide range of possibilities with manufacturing units, products and methods back in 1985. It has now formed a strong foundation for this company and will continue to be. The company is now carried forward by his son, HM Ananth Kumar, whose expertise in the coconut industry has weighed in equally to create a better and efficient company altogether and also secured an uncompromising future for the company, its ethics and integrity.

Coco & more is not only a brand but an initiative to include all the best quality coconut products under one roof, made available for all the customers to buy in bulk and retail, both on online and offline platforms. Our motto and belief in maintaining the highest quality and purity, has been our core strength in having a big, loyal customer base for years.

Over the years, we've built bigger capacities and better delivery process to meet heavy wholesale orders with ease. Our products are made from the best quality coconuts straight from Kerala and Karnataka, where the top quality coconuts are grown organically. We ensure utmost safety and quality standard, which includes conducting purity tests for every batch, clean packaging facilities, hand-picked coconuts and a zero-waste production system. Our trusted outsourcing units manufacture equally high-quality products and deliver to our brand from time to time. We maintain an outsourcing system to ensure that we are able to fulfill any number of bulk orders without complications. Coco & more will thrive to bring to you, the best from the rest.

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About Tiptur:

Tiptur is a sub-headquarters of Tumkur district and is located about 140 km from Bengaluru. Tiptur is located in the southern part of Karnataka and the second-largest and fastest-growing city in the Tumkur district. One of the largest copra/dry coconut markets in India is located in Tiptur and the city is well-known for its coconut plantations. It is dearly called “the coconut heartland of Karnataka” and “Kalpatharu naadu”. The top quality desiccated coconut powder and dry coconut from Tiptur is exported to all parts of the world.

Tiptur under the spotlight: